This product line is the foundation on which Mid-South Scaffold operates. The Pin-Lock Scaffold System equipment, along with various modifications exclusive to our company, allows scaffolding to conform to the specific area and task at hand. Whether it be installing a basic overhead protection or providing access to hard-to-reach pipes, this system’s diversity makes it ideal for use on construction sites, industrial plants, or for special events.


This system is the best choice for access to large sections of building facades at once. The Speedy-Scaf System assembles quickly to save time and money on your projects. This equipment’s features, such as an interior ladder-deck system and slip-resistant decks, allow for access in an OSHA compliant manner to maintain the highest level of safety for your workers.


Our modular Swing-Stage equipment is the most efficient solution to high-rise problems. The system’s adjustability allows for custom assemblies using fewer parts that conform to the building being accessed. Combined with specialty rigging equipment, we can make the difficult multi-story project much easier.


Best for the tallest of projects, our personnel hoists enable you to get both workers and material to various work levels quickly.


For projects that require the repeated transport of personnel and material to numerous levels, these products are what you will want to have. The Mast-Climbers vary from light weight working platforms to high-capacity lifts. We also have a variety of personnel and material hoists specific to your tasks.


We make custom equipment and offer special assemblies, such as debris chutes and containment, designed for your specific needs.